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September 2015

New-Born and Kids Photography Goa Mumbai

150 150 Sunny Pariani

Wedding Reception_0001_ 20150113

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Interiors & Architecture

150 150 Sunny Pariani

Sunny_Pariani_0016_ 20150510

Sunny_Pariani_0015_ 20150512

Sunny_Pariani_0017_ 20150512

Sunny_Pariani_0018_ 20150510

Sunny_Pariani_0001_ 20150810

Sunny_Pariani_0002_ 20150810

Sunny_Pariani_0003_ 20150810

Sunny_Pariani_0004_ 20150810

Sunny_Pariani_0005_ 20150810

Sunny_Pariani_0006_ 20150810


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Samyukta + Pratik – PreWedding Photography Jaipur Mumbai

900 600 Sunny Pariani

PreWedding Photography in Jaipur – Samyukta + Pratik

A Prewedding shoot for Samyukta & Pratik in Jaipur on their wedding day! So glad the couple squeezed out a few hours on the wedding day itself from their busy schedule just so that we could capture a glimpse of the Pink city having them in every frame. Kudos to you two! We loved the wedding celebration to every bit and so happy to be a part of your special day!

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Sunny_Pariani_Low_Res_0007_ 20150529

Sunny_Pariani_Low_Res_0004_ 20150529

Sunny_Pariani_Low_Res_0001_ 20150529

PreWedding Photography Jaipur Mumbai

Sunny_Pariani_Low_Res_0003_ 20150529

Prewedding Photography Jaipur Mumbai

Sunny_Pariani_Low_Res_0006_ 20150529

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Uliya’s Mini-Shoot – Kids Fashion Photographer Goa

900 601 Sunny Pariani

This Little Ulchik wants to be a model. A mini photo-shoot in and around some local streets in Goa. This was the first time ever I photographed a 9 year old and obviously this was her first photo-session too. And to my surprise this girl already know’s how to pose! I tell you, these kids are way faster than you and me!! This girl is nothing less than a pro…

Sunny_Pariani_Low_Res_2003_ 20150912

Sunny_Pariani_Low_Res_2004_ 20150912

Sunny_Pariani_Low_Res_2001_ 20150912

Sunny_Pariani_Low_Res_2005_ 20150912

Sunny_Pariani_Low_Res_2007_ 20150912

Sunny_Pariani_Low_Res_2006_ 20150912
Sunny_Pariani_Low_Res_2000_ 20150912


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